The Board of Directors

Renee Kempka - Board President

Renee Kempka

Renee shares great enthusiasm and enjoyment of natural foods, extending back to her ninth year when her parents transplanted her from a Chicago suburb to 40 wild acres of land in Minnesota that were waiting to be tilled and cultivated. She furthered her natural foods experience working at a co-op in Morris, MN, Alfalfa's in Boulder, CO then eventually to Sundance Natural Foods in Eugene, OR, where she has worked for 20 years. She is currently the General Manager there.

Melissa Minton - Vice President/Secretary

Melissa Minton

Melissa Minton is the General Manager of the Santa Rosa Community Market and the current board secretary and former board treasurer for Provender Alliance. She is very dedicated to the values and mission of the organization and is proud to be able to serve in this capacity.

Terry Parks - Treasurer

Terry Parks

Terry has worked for the Community Food Cooperative (CFC) in Bellingham, WA since 2000 and has been a Store Manager with them since 2009. Terry gets to work with a great team who share a passion to provide the best food and products to all members of their community. He believes in the concept of Servant Leadership and hopes to provide Provender with the same level of service that he strives to offer his team at the CFC.

Evelyn Hall

Evelyn Hall

As a Store Manager at Green Zebra Grocery in Portland, Oregon, Evelyn gets to share her enthusiasm for great food and great people each day. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Evelyn moved to Oregon to attend Oregon State University and earned a bachelor's degree in Natural Resources from the College of Forestry. Evelyn has over 10 years of management experience and is a skilled trainer and facilitator.

Meg Kennedy

Med Kennedy

Meg is an East coast escapee and self-proclaimed Provender groupie. She attended her first Provender conference in 2005 and hasnít missed one since. She is the Sustainable Product Advocate at Central Co-op in Seattle where she has worked for 13 years. Sheís been a Food Justice activist since the early 1990s. She entered into parenthood in 1996 by birthing a ridiculously incredible daughter, Sienna, and co-parenting two other amazing kids.

Stacy Ann Kraker

Stacy Ann Kraker

Works as a human rights activist while in college set the stage for Stacyís passion for food justice and organic agriculture. Currently the Marketing Manager at Organically Grown Company, Stacy has been a small farmer, as well as an avid home cook and food preserver and remains a lover of good, clean food and a cheerleader for organic farmers. Stacy sees Provender Alliance as an essential support organization for our growing trade community.

Rachel Mitrani

Rachel Mitrani

I am currently working for Maitri Marketing a small, regional and independent wellness brokerage. I have been in the natural foods industry my whole adult life. It is more than an industry for me it is my lifestyle and holds real life values for me. That is why I am very proud to be a part of Provender as they too, hold the same values that are important to me and the future for our planet.

Provender Alliance Executive Director

Susan Schechter

Susan Schechter is the Executive Director of Provender Alliance. She has served in this position since 1998. As the sole employee for the organization, Susanís skills include conference planning, Journal editing and publishing, membership relations and recruitment as well the daily tasks of bookkeeping, customer service and board support. Susan coordinates the Annual Educational Conference for members and colleagues. Each year builds on the next, making them a sought-after event to attend. She is the backbone of the organization; ensuring continued success through dedication, commitment and the relationships she has built within the industry and extended community. She loves what she does and especially who she does it for - Provender members.