Conference History

A look back...

2012-September 26-28, Inspiring Resilience, Sustaining Action
2011—October 5-7, Planting Seeds, Harvesting Wisdom Hood River, Oregon
2010—October 7-9, Know Impact: Rethink Consumption, Nurture Generosity, Hood River, Oregon
2009—October 7-9, From Dreaming to Doing, Bellingham, Washington
2008—October 1-3, Sharing Our Values, Achieving Our Vision, Hood River, Oregon
2007—October 3-5, Growing With Integrity, Vancouver, Washington
2006—October 4-6, 30 Years of Provender: A Celebration of Dedication, Hood River, Oregon
2005—October 6-8, Spreading Our Roots; Action for Change, Bellingham, Washington
2004—Oct. 7-9, Global Problems, Local Solutions, Ashland, Oregon
2003—Oct. 2-4, Sustainability By Design, Wilsonville, Oregon
2002—Oct. 3-5, Everyday Choices, Intentional Change, Ashland, Oregon
2001—Oct. 4-6, 2001: A Provender Odyssey Farmer to Fork Alliances, Wilsonville, Oregon
2000—Oct. 6-8, Sustaining Organic Synergy, Wilsonville, Oregon
1999—Oct. 8-10, Sustaining Positive Visions Through Education and Outreach, Ashland, Oregon
1998—October 2-4, Foundations for the Future, Port Townsend, Washington
1997—October 3-5, Cultivating Green Economics, Wilsonville, Oregon
1996—October 4-6, Making Choices that Make a Difference, Port Townsend, Washington
1995—October 6-8, We Who Remember: Renewing Our Vision, Resort, Warm Springs, Oregon
1994—October 14-16, Values for a Sustainable Future, Port Townsend, Washington
1993—October 1-3, Taking Charge: Our Mandate for Change, Dexter, Oregon
1992—October 2-4, Eye on the Future, Ear to the Ground, Seattle, Washington
1991—October 4-6, The Dream...and the Real Work, Dexter, Oregon
1990—October 5-7, Natural Foods in the NW: Aligning Reality with a Vision, Dexter, Oregon
1989—October 13-15, Keeping the Lead, Marylhurst, Lake Oswego, Oregon
1988—October 7-9, Back to the Future, Marylhurst, Lake Oswego, Oregon
1987—August 15 and 16, Take a Giant Step, Olympia, Washington
1986—August 23 and 24, Managing Change, Olympia, Washington
1985—November 8-10, Camp Crestview, Corbett, Oregon
1984—October 19-21, Camp Crestview, Corbett, Oregon
1983—November 4-6, Planning for Growth, Camp Crestview, Corbett, Oregon (incorporated as Provender Alliance in April)
1982—December 3-5, Survival Kit for 1983, Corbett, Oregon
1981—May 8-10, Food: the Issue of the ’80’s, Camp Meadowood, Tollgate Mtns, NE Oregon (NW Provender Alliance)
1980—Taking Charge, held simultaneously in Eugene, Oregon and Seattle, Washington
1979—November 9-11, Sandy, Oregon (Northwest Provender Alliance)
1978—November 10-12, Olympia, Wash. (Northwest Alternative Food System)
1977—November 11-13, Molalla, Oregon, Equinox Gatherings (NW Natural Food System Conference)