About Provender Alliance

Provender Alliance, which began in 1977, is a non-profit membership organization providing networking, outreach, and education to natural foods and related companies doing business in the Northwest. The word "provender" means provisions or foodstuffs. Part of the reason the industry is so strong in the Northwest is due to efforts of Provender Alliance members and the annual Provender conference. Members currently represent nearly 200 retailers, distributors, manufacturers, brokers, consultants, and individuals from Northern California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia, and Alaska, plus areas outside of the Northwest.

With member help, Provender Alliance is becoming...

a United Voice for producers, sellers and consumers of natural foods to the grocery industry, to the consumer on issues such as food safety, food justice, ethical business practices, sustainable agriculture and environmental integrity,

an Outreach Association to disseminate information to natural food workers and industry professionals and educators,

a News Bureau to provide information to food industry journals, newsletters and the mainstream press about natural foods and how food reaches our tables,

a listserve/online discussion group via e-mail with lists ranging from industry news to the latest conference information.

Provender Alliance Basic Beliefs

• Provender Alliance is on the visionary forefront of the natural products industry. Through the integrity of our members’ business practices, products, workplaces, and wise use of appropriate technology, we actively promote sustainable food systems, thereby ensuring the health of our living planet and our economic survival.

• We are dedicated to being an inspirational source of education, information, and communication within the natural products industry. We accomplish this by providing forums through a member conference, a Provender Journal, and a web site.

• Provender Alliance is a Northwest organization linked by our unique bio-regionalism and independent pioneering spirit, which enables us to pursue unity through diversity.

• We acknowledge the value of support gained through connections of like-minded members. By including fun, food, play, and celebration in our activities, we strengthen our bonds with each other. This re-energizes and validates our efforts to sustain our unique natural products culture. We are a “trade organization with a heart.”

Provender Alliance exists to educate and inspire our community

Our Community is primarily Provender Members and also includes organizations and individuals in the natural products industry, and organizations and individuals with shared values.

Our Community will be better educated in areas that include:

current industry trends and topics
economic, social and cultural change
ensuring a vibrant natural products industry
environmental issues
models for sustainable, ethical business practices and environmental stewardship

Our community is inspired to:

make positive change
cultivate new ideas
make new connections
educate and inspire others
be present and appreciate
create a sharing, nourishing and celebratory environment.

We are motivated, influential passionate leaders.